Since 2003, the Guardian Energy team has provided independent energy consultancy to a wide range of business customers, helping them achieve low-cost, low-risk commercial energy deals.

Excellence in Energy Efficiency

We're a UK-based energy consultancy with over 15 years' experience in helping businesses manage energy procurement and efficiency by building a strategic purchasing plan. 


We have access to live market prices and monitor these daily so we can always advise our clients on the best times to purchase their energy.

Energy Services Tailored to Your Business

We pride ourselves on being an entirely independent consultancy, meaning that we have no affiliation with any specific supplier and work entirely for the benefit of our clients. We have built solid commercial relationships with suppliers large and small which give our clients the best opportunity to obtain the lowest available price on the day we tender for them.

Unlike other energy consultants, we are unique in that every member of our skilled team has previously worked for an energy supplier before coming to work with us. We have expert knowledge in how the industry as a whole works, how it was formed and how it is moving forward.

Meet Our Analysts

Our team of experienced energy procurement professionals work directly for you – the customer – with your business interests at the heart of everything we do.


Energy Analyst




Energy Analyst

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